L’artista ispirato

The idea is that of an artista ispirato and illuminato, unique, original and new, able to build a culture of peace, whose constituent phases are contemplated by the research on sound in relation to the artist, based on the experience of Assisi Suono Sacro.

A harmonious and proportional music, inspired by the principles of peace, based on the concepts of vibration, of co-creation, of intonation and frequency, of poor sound, of monema, which starts from different musical skills, from the polyvalent meaning of a global language harmonic, from the educated and popular codes, from the cultural pluralism of the differences, from the “homo musicus.

Andrea Ceccomori :

international flutist of great versatility, official musician of the September 11 Memorial in New York, is currently one of the most interesting names among the interpreters and producers in classical and contemporary music. Dedicator of many works for flute, he has curated over 300 first performances worldwide.

He was a pupil of Severino Gazzelloni and other famous musicians, collaborating with artists of various musical and artistic extractions: from Rohan De Saram to Markus Stockhausen, Evan Ziporyn, Vladimir Martynov, Bernard Rands, Jacqulin Buglisi, from Cecilia Chailly to Javier Girotto, from Ludovico Einaudi to Roberto Cacciapaglia, Antonella Ruggiero, Franco Battiato, David Riondino, Dacia Maraini and many others.

He has played as soloist and in small chamber ensembles in important foreign centers: such as Lincoln Center in New York, San Pedro Theater in Porto Alegre, Gestaig of Monaco, Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Kings Place in London, Sala Scriabin in Moscow, Museum Tolstoy St. Petersburg, Louvre of Paris, twice soloist in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican. He has also performed throughout Italy, Europe, Canada and the United States, in South America, in Africa.

He has published over 20 CD titles, with solo recordings on television (RAI) and radio. He has held masterclasses at American, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian universities, and has been reviewed by newspapers and magazines such as Amadeus, Falaut, Syrinx, radio broadcasts: Radio 3, Radio New York, Bulgarian National Radio, Radio Popolare and Vatican Radio etc.


For the creation of a network of united artists and operators for Peace, as an amplifier of music and art

A new message starts from Assisi and Italy, for a new humanism founded on peace, coming from a land that has sprouted the progenitors Saint Francis, Aldo Capitini, Pietro Ubaldi and many others.

A message of peace based on music in the first place, and on the arts in general, coming from a land that has sprouted its founders Dante Alighieri, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Palestrina, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini and many others.

The time has come when the arts and beauty can now celebrate their task of safeguarding peace and harmony in the world because the foundation of art and beauty lies in proportion and harmony.

We are entering the thousand years of peace, as also proclaimed by the Centro Pace di Assisi with the  “Millennio per la pace” and other sources.

The era of peace is characterized by the era of love, since it is love that creates, and therefore the man who loves creates, and the artist is the one who creates by definition, therefore he creates not a copy. The creation is the other side of intuition, or better: intuition penetrates a state of things in harmony with each other and captures its essence, while creating, creates ex nihilo a state of things in harmony with each other.
The symbol par excellence of creating is the wand, the stick of the command, what we call magic wand (or even magic flute) creates and defines the magic of things in relation to each other in an organic whole.

Peace, together with justice, is the natural amplifier of music, since both are based on the same universal harmonic foundation.


baton for peace

True art and true music affect only a small part on the formation of consciences, but now, thanks to a careful combination of music, art and culture of peace, music can find its right amplifier to reach consciences around the world and bring peace, since peace is the substratum of the development and functioning of every civilization.

the music can now pass from the sphere of the enchantment where everything is given, immobile and frozen, which has governed so far, to that of the song where the sound is always changing because in contact with the source of inspiration.


Today the music dominates us, the world is full of an immensity of sounds that do not know where to go, that do not have a master, a purpose, a direction, an orientation. Giving a direction to music allows it to fully express its infinite potential.

The music for peace then starts from different musical skills, from the polyvalent sense of musical language, from the learned codes and from the popular codes that read and interpret music, from cultural pluralism and respect for differences, from homo musicus who lives in all men, from the elimination of the hegemonic cultural elites, starting from all this, we will find all the common elements that unite to face all conflicts in a non-violent way.

The functioning of every civilization resides in the functioning of the harmonious relationship of its gears, which move thanks to a common inspiration, to a higher consciousness that governs them.

When the operation is regular we will have a healthy civilization and a healthy environment to live and guarantee life.

It is necessary to elevate the artistic consciences so that they reach the common house of inspiration, so that the people live in the common house of the planet.

Like every art and every artistic discipline draws inspiration from the same source to express itself in different ways, so each people draws inspiration from the same source to express different cultures and traditions.

Being the only source and the same for all, it can guarantee unity and harmony in its expressions.

Baton for Peace is the project on music that is inspired by an idea of an inspired and enlightened artist, whose constituent phases are contemplated by the research on sound in relation to the artist. This search path can be extended, by its nature, to the other arts.

The wand is in fact the symbol of the musical direction but it is also, as mentioned, the magic wand of doing, to act as a capacity to create art, understood as a limb, an operative arm of know-how.

The ability to do implies a knowledge in line with the inspiration so that there is nothing extraneous between the inspiration and its manifestation and is thus able to guarantee that harmony already inherent in nuce (the One that is fragmented) . So the concept is: on the one hand, the same way of inspiration in the shared human value and, on the other, different expressions in harmony with each other. This will be the sign of peace.

A baton for peace will therefore be a pilot project based on music that will however involve all the 7 Major Arts on the same path:


The idea of a network of arts units projected towards the common purpose of peace and harmony among peoples, passes through a perfect balance between the various competences expressed in a free and autonomous way.

Motor and glue of this unification is the expression “Io sono” ( nd: I am)already contemplated in the Way for an enlightened artist that contains in itself the image and the sound, that is the first divine expressions that then apply in his 7 phases of the illuminated artist and inspired that they are:

Inspiration, intonation, monema, improvisation, poor sound, I sound, harmonia univesalis.


baton for peace

Andrea Ceccomori

Artistic director

Lorenza Somogyi Bianchi

Executive producer

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Assisi – Baton For Peace
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