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The courses are divided into courses of Assisi Suono Sacro (summer masterclasses and annual courses) and courses Baton For Peace (the enlightened musician and the path of music). Assisi Suono Sacro courses are taught by a faculty that varies from year to year and focuses on the study and improvement of music in a particularly favorable environment that is conducive to the student’s “integrated” deepening, while the baton for peace courses are specifically devoted to the formation of a culture of peace through music.

Courses Assisi Suono Sacro

Summer Music Courses 2018

Registration is open for the 2018 Summer Music Masterclasses and Summer Seminars. Terms and Conditions on: ASSISI SUONO SACRO / ACCADEMY, Deadline for registration June 15

Annual courses 2018-2019

The annual courses of Assisi Suono Sacro and Baton for Peace are being defined: September 2018-June 2019

Courses Baton For Peace

Il Musicista Ispirato

Il musicista ispirato e illuminato: Dedicated to musicians, both students and professionals, is a course that, applying the principles promoted by Assisi Suono Sacro, goes in search of that figure capable of making a musician an artist able to express the depth of the human soul and, as such, to reach audiences of various kinds. “Listen to the whole piece in one’s inner ear, use the imagination to look for the right sound to the feeling of music …” (M.Rostropovich)

La Via della Musica

La via della musica: The course open to all people, even non-musicians, aims to form consciences for a culture of peace starting from the foundations of music and the harmony that governs it, to transfer them in the search for self-realization aimed at building a civilization of peace and love.

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All courses and seminars can be done in the online mode (under construction) and on site at our partner locations in Assisi.



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