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Through the manifest of the illuminated musician ofAssisi Suono Sacro, inspired by peace, Baton for Peace wants to direct, play and harmonize the symphony of the world because everything in the world plays and resonates in harmony, this indicating a new direction to music, orienting it to peace and giving it back its sacred power.

from an idea of Centro Internazionale for the PEACE among the peoples of Assisi

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BATON FOR PEACE music & peace

The single event of “BATON FOR PEACE” foresees the organization and realization of a concert in which each guest artist will be given an olive wand (symbol of harmony in music and peoples) as testimony and invitation to the realization of a culture of peace, and where possible, carry out a presentation meeting, a course on inspired and enlightened music, a gala dinner and other activities and initiatives geared towards the noble purpose of peace and solidarity.

The BATON FOR PEACE Call "Musicians for Peace

Music at the service of Peace
Artistic director: Andrea Ceccomori


“After the 42-concert marathon for Peace held in 2017 with the Assisi Peace Centre, the Baton for Peace project aims at being a veritable Call to artists and organisations to unite for Peace, and come together to create a network”



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